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IV Vitamin Drip Therapy

Training Course

You will first complete online training from the comfort of your own workplace or home which will teach and test your understanding of a wide range of modules crucial to give you the best background understanding of the subject.


Following this will be face-to-face online theory training with an expert practitioner to further underpin your knowledge. Finally, you will physically attend your training at Deluxe Aesthetics Academy where you will learn the practical skills overseen by your expert tutor.


This training course includes Phlebotomy for those who have no experience of venupuncture.



Becoming popular around 2018 (when Chrissy Teigen posted a shot of herself receiving a drip on Instagram), IV Nutrient Infusions have been seen as a must-have wellness treatment. Other celebrities who’ve also reportedly jumped on the trend include Adele, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown, John Legend, Jane Fonda, Cindy Crawford, Simon Cowell, and Real Housewife Lisa Rinna.

The course focuses on teaching the best techniques to get excellent results from this popular treatment. The substances used in IVNT are vitamins, minerals and water – all of which are classified as essential nutrients. By balancing our levels through IV infusions our bodies can be restored to peak and maximum energy performance.


Drip therapy improves overall wellness by providing 100% of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to:

  • Improve immune health

  • Boost energy levels

  • Improve symptoms of depression

  • Improve anxiety

  • Improve mental clarity and cognitive function

  • Reduce the symptoms of migraines

  • Improve symptoms of asthma

  • Improve allergies

  • Combat fatigue

£ 1199 ( VAT included)