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Training Course

Our PDO FOXY EYES Thread Lift Training course is designed for the skillful injectors,

who are already experienced in ‘dermal fillers’. 


Foxy Eye Lifts a lateral eyebrow lift with Threads, that gives instant lifted effect to the eyebrows and temple area. After the local anesthetic, the aesthetician will inject the threads around eyebrow ends and attentively lifts them towards the hairline to create the lifting effect and then sets them up. Threads will be completely absorbed by the patient’s body and will leave the desired foxy eyes effect for up to 1 year. These threads are fully absorbable and meet the highest safety standards. All of these are designed to physically or visually lift the outer edge of the upper eyelid and gently pull it towards the temples area.

Thread lift is a procedure that uses dissolvable sutures to tighten and lift the skin.


Compared to cosmetic surgery, this is a less invasive surgery that can generally be completed in 45 minutes without the need for a scalpel. The Polydioxane Thread Lifter (PDO) uses a biodegradable polyester suture thread. They are best for rejuvenating the skin and some newer types of lifting threads are better suited for lifting sagging skin.

£ 599 ( VAT included )