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Phlebotomy CPD Accredited

The Phlebotomist training course aims to provide a comprehensive review of the

venipuncture procedure, including equipment and supplies, safety and infection

control, and specimen handling and processing. You will learn about anatomy and physiology of the veins and the techniques required for safe and effective venipuncture for the process of blood sampling. The course will develop your all the necessary skills to perform basic and advanced venipuncture safely, while minimising the risk of pre-analytical errors.

Venipuncture is a procedure that is performed by nursing and medical staff in a wide variety of clinical areas as a clinical and diagnostic aid in patient management. This course is designed for health care professionals who would like to learn the skill of venipuncture.


  • Gain the knowledge, skill and guideline to work as a healthcare technician specialising in phlebotomy.

  • Grasp the primary job responsibilities for a certified phlebotomist and get a firm understanding of Venipuncture techniques.

  • Get a comprehensive knowledge of Medical Terminology that involves drawing blood and preparing it for lab testing.

  • Learn to use blood collection equipment and perform hand hygiene.

  • Discover infection control and safety standards of working as a phlebotomist and how to prevent hematomas and nerve damage.

  • Learn about modern diagnostic methods and the latest lab technology.

  • Grasp more about precautions required to take for patients with special needs and appropriate ways to communicate with patients.

£ 420 ( VAT included )